Thursday, August 1, 2013

A little bit of everything...

This post is a little catch up of a few random things we have been up too.  Hope you enjoy :)

8 months

Future runner to be... ?

A few weeks ago on Sunday we went back to our church building and had a little playing piano time.

Andrew was very observant

July 2013

Joe decided to have a little picture shoot with Andrew.
(Just for the record I was taking a nap and had no part of this hair choice)

Really Dad... ?

Raleigh, NC LDS Temple 
July 2013

Joe and I were able to attend the temple for the first time since Andrew's birth.  Our friends Lance and Robin came over and watched the monitor for us while Andrew slept- thanks!  The temple was beautiful and very similar to MN's temple.  The flowers were gorgeous as always, and it was so nice to attend.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Campus
July 2013

Vance Hall
(We couldn't resist)

Joe has recently found out that the Vance roots are Southern roots.  He insists I call him Nash- that hasn't caught on yet :)  Anyway, apparently Zebulon Baird Vance is a possible ancestor.  Zebulon Vance was Governor of North Carolina, served as a lieutenant in the Confederate Army, was a practicing lawyer, a Senator and was known as an individual who strove to protect and serve his fellow North Carolinians.  

Raleigh State Historical Museum
Watergate Exhibit
June 2013

On a rainy Saturday we made our way to Raleigh and went through this free Watergate exhibit.  We both learned so much about the scandal and Reagan's presidency- it was awesome.

Tired little Andrew.  
(Notice the very awesome painting in the background.  Our lessors have interesting taste :)

June 2013
Andrew at 6 months

August 2013
Andrew at 8 3/4 months

How much a few months can make!  Our little babes is growing up so fast!

Love and Miss you all,

Joe, Stace & Andrew xoxo

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  1. Holy cow! So, did Joey know that our Grandma Vance wanted to name dad Zebulon! I always joked about it and how his nickname could be Zebby. I'm sure that guy has got to be related. Love the pictures & I agree with you that our babies just grow up too fast. Mine is 10. But i have to say that every stage is a lot of fun! Love you guys!