Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Beach

Wrightsville Beach, NC
July 20, 2013

Andrew was a little timid at first and initially just stared at the ocean.  He did cry when a big wave came- I think it scared him :(

He always observes and takes in his surroundings before he gets comfortable.  Such a cutie- Love him to pieces.

Finding Seashells

Loungin' with Dad

Beach walk with Dad

Beach naps are the best

Things Andrew loved: watching the waves and people, eating fresh peach chunks on the beach, and being snuggled under his towel and blankey against us to escape from the wind.  Things Andrew didn't like: sand in his diaper, the BIG wave, and Joe and I giving him an impromptu bath on a random lawn before changing him and putting him back in the car to drive home :)

Beautiful Day

Video of our boys :)

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  1. What great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun. Sure miss you guys but we love the posts. :)