Monday, January 27, 2014

St. Paul Winter Carnival

St. Paul, MN
January 25, 2014
Our Ice-Throne

Ice castle at entrance of "The Coolest Celebration on Earth"

These medallions were frozen into an ice bar and the following were some of the ice sculptures we saw:

Fairy Land

Marlin Fish

Woman Running with Wolves and Eagle Medallion

Stegosaurus and T-Rex

The Ice Fisherman sculpture is behind us

Andrew all bundled- it was cold!!!

We learned that St. Paul has been doing the Winter Carnival since the 1800s.  In the past, giant ice castles were built that stood between 60-160 feet tall that visitors could walk around and through into the carnival.  Due to the economy though a giant castle hasn't been built since 2004.

Models of former giant ice castles

Ice castle built in 1886

Ice castle built in 2004

We only lasted 40 minutes outside in the frigged 20 below weather.

We stopped at our favorite restaurant Cafe Latte for soup and bread- yummmy!

Andrew update- attempting spoon.

This is a video of Joe throwing a pot of boiling water into the air when it was -40 degrees outside this morning.  Enjoy :)

Love ya all,

Joe, Stace & Andrew