Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Andrew

Andrew's 1st birthday
Utah party
Oct. 2013

My family surprised Andrew with an impromptu birthday celebration.  Oh, yummy!

A little nervous about the fire? 

The first bite...

Oh yeah, he's going back for more!

He pretty much would have polished off the entire cupcake if we hadn't stopped him.

Andrew LOVED the balloons.  He would pull the string down, the balloons would bump him and then he would laugh and laugh.  Thanks Ryn and Fam for the surprise!

Happy 1st Birthday in Minnesota
November 16, 2013

We got our dino on

We were so grateful for all the friends that came to wish Andrew a happy day and also celebrate that Joe and I survived a year!

Happy Birthday to this amazing little boy!  We are so grateful for him and all his little ways.  What a blessing to have him in our lives.  We can't believe we have a one-year-old already!!

Love and Miss you all,

Joe, Stace & Andrew


Monday, November 4, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

October 2013 
Como Lake Park
St. Paul Minnesota

Love Andrew's cheesy grin

We Love and Miss you all,

Joe, Stace & Andrew

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween 2013

Andrew the dinosaur

We didn't take Andrew trick-or-treating, but we did walk around to our neighbors/friends and deliver Andrew's birthday invites.  He was smiling so big as he saw all the kiddies running around in their costumes.  It made for a fun night that wasn't even too cold!

Watching dad eat candy- yum!

Andrew was not very happy when the trick-or-treaters left- he was very curious :)

Love that dinosaur tail

Happy Halloween to one and all.  Hope yours was great fun!

Miss and Love you,

Joe, Stace & Andrew