Saturday, August 31, 2013

Road Trip

August 18, 2013

Second day of our road trip we started out by driving through Nashville, TN.  Joe was inspired when we saw the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Performance Center
We thought it looked like a guitar.

Broadway Street
Nashville's karaoke performance zone

Titan's stadium

Later that day...

Andrew at the St. Louis Arch

We had to touch the arch

We walked around the grounds and visited the underground museum which sits underneath the arch.  We didn't have to much time to visit, but it was a good break and fun to see.

And again later that day...

We saw a sign and decided to take a stop to see Mark Twain's boyhood home

Tom and Huck 

The town was more a ghost town, but it was interesting and neat to see how close Mr. Twain grew up to the Mississippi River.  The river was only about 1 block away from his home.

A tiring and good day.  Day 3 to post next.

Love and Miss you all,

Joe, Stace & Andrew

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