Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy 4th of July

This past week on the 4th, we decided to drive over to Duke University's campus.  We went inside the chapel and walked around the grounds.  

This is the bell tower atop the chapel, and is the first thing you see as you drive down into campus on Chapel Drive.

Chapel doors entrance

We learned a lot about the University.  The school was founded by Methodists and Quakers in 1838 in the town of Trinity.  Then the school was officially moved to where it resides now by James Duke in 1924.  James also renamed the University after his grandfather George Washington Duke, who was anti-slavery and pro-women's rights, which we thought was pretty cool given the time period. 

Inside the Chapel

The school and chapel are multi-denominational.  The statues and stained glass are interpretations from Methodist, Catholic, Lutheran, and other Christian founders/leaders.  I didn't see Joseph Smith up there though :)

Cute boys

Joe loved the architecture and started singing the "Harry Potter" theme as we walked around campus.

This plaque is at the front of the University and it states that the University "aims to assert a faith in the eternal union of knowledge and religion set forth in the teachings and character of Jesus Christ, the Son of God; to advance learning in all lines of truth".  This just touched me on a patriotic day full of celebrating our freedoms!

As we left campus the bell tower started ringing The Star Spangled Banner and Yankee Doodle Dandy- it made our 4th of July!  Yeah for freedom of religion and education!

Other updates:

Andrew is officially up on his knees.  Crawling to commence shortly.

Love this chunky boy!  Andrew will be 8 months tomorrow and now has 8 teeth!  He also LOVES swimming in the pool.  He is a fish!

 Our first North Carolina barbecue experience.  The food was pretty tasty and the culture was pretty awesome too- notice pig :)

Miss you and Love you all like crazy,

Joe, Stace & Andrew   




  1. Thanks for sharing the info about the school and those great pictures, too. Thinking of hearing the bell tower play those songs made me wish I could have heard that. It was neat to learn about the "aims of Duke University" too!

    It's so fun to see all of these pictures of you guys! I can't believe how big Andrew is. I love all of his chunk and I wish I could nibble on him. :)
    Love you all so much!

  2. stacy, andrew is a big boy now! oh how i miss him and you guys!