Monday, September 2, 2013

Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota State Fair
August 28th, 2013

Little Farm Helpers

Mini John Deere- classic

The station was a super cute 'farm to table' journey for the kiddos, and Joe and I :)

Minnesota loves their John Deere

Andrew met some puppy friends at the Pet Center

He loved this golden and cried when we had to leave him.  I guess we know what pup is in our future.

We have had record humidity and heat in MN.  This past week it was mid 90's plus humidity, and MN doesn't believe in central air- crazies!  Andrew sure liked the cool down misters to survive the heat at the Fair.

Even the puppies needed to cool down.

Hangin' out at the Fair

The Fair is all about the food, so we had to try some fried pickles and a funnel cake sundae- both yummy and diabetes inducing :)

Andrew's 15 minute nap.  At least we got that- he does not nap on the go.

The Fair was very busy, and averages 100,000 to 150,000 daily attendance.  The Minnesota Fair is the largest Fair in the United States based on daily attendance, and the 2nd largest based on total attendance coming up behind Texas.  The experience was definitely worth putting up with the heat, and we loved being submersed in some Midwest fair culture :)

We saw rabbits, horses, cows, pigs (and piglets), dogs, sheep, ducks, roosters.... you name it, it is at the Fair.  The Minnesota Fair began in 1859, and was initially started to encourage farming within the state.

Love those horses

We Love and Miss you all like crazy,

Joe, Stace & Andrew

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  1. Such fun pictures! Little Andrew is so adorable! Sure love & miss you guys, but love seeing the updates on your blog.