Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Many Faces of Andrew

This past week we met up with the beautiful Jenn & Leah Lewis.  Yeah for family!!  We went to the Tanger Outlets in Mebane, NC.  We found the kiddos some clothes and I snagged some sunglasses.  Good afternoon :)

This week Joe was able to visit the OR at UNC.  He LOVED it!  He was able to observe an abdominal surgery and see the intestines.  He was thrilled and he looks pretty cute in scrubs :)

Andrew has been so interested in lights lately.  At the grocery store he loves to hang his head back and just stare up at the ceiling.

Apparently this week we took a lot of pictures of Andrew in his high chair, so lets just call the following "The many faces of Andrew".

7 months old

Sorry about the blurriness- this kid is on the move :)

He is always biting the spoon now with all those teeth.  He has 5 already- 2 top, 3 bottom.

His little mischief face.  He makes a little snorting sound when he makes this face- too cute.

Time for a nap.

Love those cherries

We love and miss you all so much!  Happy Sunday :)

Love you,

Joe, Stace & Andrew  xoxo


  1. Soooo cute! His faces are adorable. So fun to see. You all look great and happy for you to have these experiences. I don't think my Andrew could be in the OR. He would faint :) love you guys, keep the posts coming!

  2. Love the pictures! He is so dang cute & also looks to be a little mischievous as well. :) Sure love and miss you guys and hope that all is well. I echo Jaime's comment, keep the posts coming! Love ya.